Airless packaging system and its benefits!

You’re sitting at your vanity, rearranging your make-up and skincare. You move your jar of anti-aging Chanel face cream in front of all your other products. It’s so beautiful and luxurious (and not to mention expensive) that it deserves to be on display. However, did you know that every second that your product spends in the sun or exposed to light it becomes less effective? And that every time you open that $100 jar of anti-aging face cream it works just a little less? 

Why, you may be asking? The answer is in the way that it is stored.  

It has become the industry norm to sell skincare products in jars, for both aesthetic and economic purposes. However, a jar is the least effective way of storing skincare, especially skincare with antioxidants and active ingredients. 

Firstly, every time you open a jar you let air into the product, which breaks down and deteriorates its active ingredients and antioxidants. This causes the product to become less and less effective over time.

Secondly, see-through plastic and glass jars allow for exposure to sunlight, further compromising the efficacy of the product. 

Thirdly, a jar requires you dip your fingers into the product every time you use it. This is not only unhygienic, but yes, you guessed it, it even further deteriorates the product and its beneficial ingredients. 

At Microglo we believe that state of the art ingredients require state of the art storage, which is why we use exclusively airless packaging in all of our products. Airless packaging keeps your product as fresh, and its ingredients as potent as the day that you bought it. It works by sealing the product in an opaque, airtight container that preserves its antioxidants and active ingredients from exposure to air and sunlight, keeping the formula effective for longer. Our airless container is also designed to minimise product waste and is 100% recyclable, which makes it great for your wallet and the environment.

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