Microneedling Kit

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The microglo 192 0.3mm needle is a natural, safe way to trick your skin into thinking it's injured. Your body will start to naturally produce elastin and leave you with betterlooking skin. It also allows for your skincare formulas to penetrate deeper into the skin and become much more effective.


Create tiny, unnoticeable punctures in your skin to stimulate skin repair and cell regeneration.

- Helps wrinkled skin
- Scarred
- Sun-damaged
- Hyperpigmentation
- Rosacea
- Stretch marks

Suitable For

- All skin types

Superior Airless Storage

Keeps the formula fresher, for longer, and is fully recyclable since it has no straws or springs
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How To

Cleanse. Disinfect derma roller (microglo disinfectant provided), roll as instructed, then serum and moisturise. The Vitamin C 20% serum is too potent, mixing the two will be too much for the skin to handle.

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