Glo Set

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  • Cleanser to clean!
  • Enzyme peel to gently exfoliate!
  • Glo serum to penetrate!
  • Glo moisturiser to protect and hydrate!

Benefits of Set

Perfectly simplified set to help your skin glo. With every product containing multiple active ingredients, you know your skin is getting what it deserves. The 20% Vitamin C serum is extremely potent and goes perfectly with our Blood Orange Vitamin C moisturiser. All our key ingredients have been cllinicaly proven multiple times over. This set has the following benefits:

- Calming
- Antioxidant protection
- Brightening
- Fades pigmentation
- Smoothes fine lines
- Evens Skin Tone

Suitable For

- All skin types wanting to glo
- Anti Ageing benefits
- Helpful for Dehydrated skin
- Good for Hyperpigmentation
- Helps Problematic skin

Key Ingredients

Advanced Cleanser: Lumiskin™
Enzyme Peel: Phytessence™ Wakame
Glo Serum: 20% L-Ascorbic Acid
Glo Moisturiser: Lumiskin™, Ascorbic Acid
Full ingredients + the science here

Superior Airless Storage

Keeps the formula fresher, for longer, and is fully recyclable since it has no straws or springs
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How To

Cleanse, serum, and moisturise daily to glo! Enzyme peel 1-2 times a week.

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